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» What is the Justice of the Peace Court?

The Justice of the Peace Court was established by the State of Louisiana. It has the authority to decide certain criminal matters as well as civil disputes up to $5,000.00. It also has the authority to handle evictions, ordinance violations, notarize documents, and perform weddings. The Court MAY NOT hear the following cases: suits involving annulment, separation, divorce, alimony, separation of property, succession, interdiction, receivership, liquidation, habeas corpus, or the title to real estate; suits against a State agency, parish, municipality or other political subdivision, or suits against a public official performing official duties.


» Contact Information

Physical Address
5057 Dixie Garden Drive
Shreveport, Louisiana 71105

» Hours

Office Hours
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Monday - Friday

Court Sessions
Court date and time will be set at filing of suit.

This Court is closed on all legal holidays.